Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Valentine’s Day Cartoon Pictures

From now until February 14th, the web is going to be filled with sticky, gooey and icky Valentine cards, gifts, poems and a lot more. However there are so many of us who can express emotions only through cynicism and sarcasm.

Chocolates, roses and “be mine” candies are a thing of the past. People have now started expressing their love with flashy valentine day cartoon pictures. We have listed some pictures, which will fill your day with some laughter.

One of the best ideas to send your love is to create one of those personalized e-cards, which have a face of your partner or you in them. There are tons of Valentine’s Day cards on the Internet, however we have listed some of the best Valentine’s Day cartoon pictures here. People also play some practical jokes with their loved ones on this day. One of the most popular jokes is to get a box if chocolates and then bite some chocolates before you gift this. This will not only surprise your special one, but also give them a shock. 

There are tons of original ideas on the internet. You can look for couple coffee mugs, pillowcases and other personalized gifts. Some of the elaborate gifts include two person underwear, two person t-shirts and hand huggers.

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